3 Myths Business Owners Believe About Selling Their Business

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Plus, learn how to stress test your sellability in a real-world scenario at no cost to you.

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Your employees won’t be taken care of, or worse, they’ll lose their jobs. 

In fact, it’s the opposite: private equity groups know that your employees are the reason your business is successful. Sometimes, a partner will often do whatever they can to incentivize your team to stay. 

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If you sell to private equity, you stop being your own boss.

If your new partner didn’t trust you and your team, they wouldn’t do the deal. Part of the understanding is that you know how to run your business already. And, they’re partnering with you because they trust you. 

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Your upfront valuation is all important.

Many business owners think that they need to sell 100% of their business then walk away, making the mistake that you only receive cash-at-close. There are other options. In reality, if you roll some equity, the second bite of the apple is often the best part. 

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You should wait to talk to investors, until you’re ready to sell.

This can be a costly error. Talking to investors now supports you to see what kinds of offers are out there and how investors respond to your business. You might just get invaluable advice that doubles or triples your cash-out, if you hold and sure-up whatever feedback they gave you over a couple years. 

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Should you Consider a Sale?

Run through a buying scenario, analyzing your business against investors' concerns in your industry. Stress test your sellability NOW at no cost to you.

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At IndustryPro, we’ve been introducing sellers like you to prospective buyers for decades. We know what makes a good fit, and we’re passionate about getting the deal done, only if it’s the right deal for you.

Supporting you to consider if a sale is right for you at no cost makes us different than other advisors. We can do this because we already have a network of interested buyers and if you landed on this page, it’s likely we have at least ONE good fit for you already.

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