Valuations & Appraisal

Know fair market value for your business with a birds-eye evaluation & accurate appraisal

Business appraisers often forget the first rule of value:

A company is only worth what another party will pay for it.

And yet, a full-scale appraisal can also generate profit potential…

When analyzed correctly, an appraisal can provide a business with a starting point for understanding its potential value.  We use appraisals as a tool to evaluate a company’s sales readiness.

In other words, we do not simply advise regarding the value of a company.  We make recommendations based on our analysis to improve shareholder value well before an eventual sale.

Our reports

Our reports include more than just an assessment of value.

Competitor Comparison

Plus - Receive a Competitor Comparison

Get valuable insights in relation to your competitors, coming from 30+ years of M&A experience in your industry.

  • Profitability
  • Ability to meet short-term obligations
  • Timeliness of accounts receivables collection
  • Working Capital requirements
  • Company efficiency
  • Ability to meet interest obligations
  • Ability to meet long-term obligations
  • Ability to generate sales from assets
  • Earnings available to shareholders
Summary of Appraisal Process

Summary of Appraisal Process

IndustryPro’s valuation appraisal process is trustworthy, independent, and useful to shareholders and management alike. It gives great peace of mind to know what fair market value is for your business and be able to justify it. Even better if we can poise you for growth and de-risk your scale plan.

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