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Addressing Business Value

IndustryPro’s valuation appraisal process is trustworthy, independent, and useful to shareholders and management alike. 

Business appraisers often forget the first rule of value:  A company is only worth what another party will pay for it. That said, when analyzed correctly, an appraisal can provide a business with a starting point for understanding its potential value.  We use appraisals as a tool to evaluate a company’s sales readiness.  In other words, we do not simply advise regarding the value of a company.  We make recommendations based on our analysis to improve shareholder value well before an eventual sale.  As shown below, our reports include more than just an assessment of value. 

Economic Forecast: Analysis of economic factors and their effect on the company’s value.
Industry Assessment: Assessment of the company’s end markets and company’s position within those markets.
Normalization Adjustments: Adjustments to financial reports to reflect the company’s true financial performance.
Company Risk Factors: Analysis of risk factors in the company that increase and decrease valuation.
Conclusion of Value: Based on the reports findings, an educated estimate of the company’s value.

Competitor Comparison
• Profitability
• Ability to meet short-term obligations
• Timeliness of accounts receivables collection
• Working Capital requirementsCompany efficiency
• Ability to meet interest obligations
Ability to meet long-term obligations
• Ability to generate sales from assets
• Earnings available to shareholders

Recent Transactions

IndustryPro has closed over $2 Billion in transactions since its founding in 1991.


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