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Addressing Business Value

IndustryPro’s appraisal process is trustworthy, independent, and valuable to a business owner.  Our method is unique in three important ways:

First, business appraisers often forget the first rule of value:  A company is only worth what another party will pay for it. Recognizing this principle, in addition to a full appraisal, we carefully scrub the company’s identifying data, provide a summary report to experienced buyers, and test our appraisal’s findings against a survey of those buyers.  This data can be very valuable to an owner in that it provides a clear overview of the market’s true perception of the company.

Second, when appraisers also offer sell-side services, they have an inherent conflict of interest encouraging them to inflate value so the business owner will hire them to sell the business.  While we are trained in appraisals and understand business valuation, before the final report is complete, our appraisals are approved by an indepedent appraisal firm to ensure the valuation was not influenced by a conflict of interest.

Third, when analyzed correctly, appraisal data does more than help an owner understand value.  We use appraisals as a tool to evaluate a company’s sales readiness.  In other words, we do not simply advise an owner the value of his or her company.  We take advantage of the data to make recommendations that improve shareholder value before an eventual sale.  As evidenced below, our reports include more than just an assessment of value.

Economic Forecast: Analysis of economic factors and their effect on the company’s value.
Industry Assessment: Assessment of the company’s end markets and company’s position within those markets.
Normalization Adjustments: Adjustments to financial reports to reflect the company’s true financial performance.
Company Risk Factors: Analysis of risk factors in the company that increase and decrease valuation.
Conclusion of Value: Based on the reports findings, an educated estimate of the company’s value.

Competitor Comparison
• Profitability
• Ability to meet short-term obligations
• Timeliness of accounts receivables collection
• Working Capital requirementsCompany efficiency
• Ability to meet interest obligations
Ability to meet long-term obligations
• Ability to generate sales from assets
• Earnings available to shareholders

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IndustryPro has closed several hundred million dollars in transactions since our founding in 1991. See our successful transactions, totaling over $2 Billion in transaction value.

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