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Sourcing Deal Flow for

Strategic Buyers Private Equity Firms OR

Ranging from lower middle market firms to large multi-billion dollar corporations.


Live Deal Dashboard

Be in the know with what’s out there in your fairway with our investors only dashboard. 

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If you’re a qualified buyer, there’s a place for you in our preferred buyer network.

Receive deal flow, the way that works for you:


Access Investor Dashboard

Receive blinded deal info every week so you can stay up to date with new deals in your industry. Qualify Here.


Become a preferred buyer

Get first right-of-refusal and unblinded deal info, as they drop.


Let us find your perfect deals

Receive the deals you want and quickly as a primary partner. Get opportunities generated for you that didn’t otherwise exist.

How your deals get done, differently

We invest time in understanding your unique goals.

We know how to find businesses ready to sell and looking to grow. Our process is optimized for speed, strategic fit, valuation, and structure. Along the way, we get to know your interests and unique strategic plan to help find businesses tailored to you.

If you give the mandate for IndustryPro to find your buyers -

We Mobilize a Full Buy-Side Process for Targeted Acquisitions.

we mobilize

The Go Button

You appoint an IndustryPro Director as a primary point of contact.

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Target Criteria, Identified

Together, we define all parameters, including size, geography, niche of industry, and strategic purpose.

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Interest Generated

Our network is alerted of new search and our current deal database is examined. Leads generated from this activity are used as the beginning of a target list.

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Qualified Sellers, Delivered

Once we have a workable list of potential targets, we contact the owners directly. We use agreed upon language to describe the opportunity to the owner, request a conference call introduction, and start to gather relevant operational and financial information of the prospective seller.

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The Deal Done Right

For each target that agrees to consider an acquisition, we will assist you in the areas desired, including:

  • Writing a report on the target
  • Gathering due diligence documents
  • Earning the owners trust to assure closing and assist in the deal negotiation
  • Creating and maintaining a deal flow
  • General coordination efforts

The result of our targeted acquisition process is the deal done, and done right by you.

Sectors we specialize in

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Connect with us

We’ll support you to pick the option that works best for your M&A goals:

We commit fully to our investment partners and private equity firms. We appreciate buyers who are inquisitive, savvy, and engaged.

Is this you?


A Note from the Desk of Private Equity

IndustryPro brings Wall St. intelligence and Main St. personality to the lower middle market.

It understands that not all businesses and entrepreneurs fit into a standardized box and offers a value-add approach to working with its clients.

IndustryPro has a unique ability to quickly access the underlying personal and business needs, goals and objectives of the seller and the buyer. Having IndustryPro on your team will no doubt greatly benefit your M&A activities.

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