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Targeted Acquisition Service

IndustryPro has been in the M&A industry for over twenty years and–with our business model, contacts, and databases–we can reach owners who have not publicly advertised their desire to sell.

While we primarily work with private equity groups, in recent years strategic buyers have been discarding ad hoc deal sourcing and retaining IndustryPro to design and implement a targeted acquisition program. We have now successfully performed such services for large multi-billion dollar corporations as well as lower middle market firms.

For business owners in the middle and lower middle market, this program can be especially rewarding. Many times, business owners prepare their companies for sale in the future by improving their operations or product offerings through acquisitions. We will help identify those areas in which your company could be improved by acquisitions, design an acquisition plan, and help you grow your company to improve your future valuation.

To accomplish a targeted search on your behalf, we would proceed with the following steps:

  1. We will appoint one of our Directors to be your point of contact.
  2. Your contact will coordinate with you to fully understand your target criteria–to include size, geography, niche of industry, and strategic purpose.
  3. The Director will then exhaust our databases and alert our current industry contacts to the desires of a new buyer. Any leads generated from this activity will be used as the beginning of a target list.
  4. At the same time, the Director–with the help of an analyst–will generate additional businesses matching your criteria. To secure owner contact information, we will use our proven and refined methods–direct marketing, on-site business meetings, trade shows, and recruitment of industry experts for warm introductions.
  5. Once we have a workable list of potential targets, we will contact the owners directly. We will use agreed upon language to describe the opportunity to the owner, request a conference call introduction, and start to gather relevant operational and financial information on the company.
  6. For each target that agrees to consider an acquisition, we will assist you in the areas desired, to include:
    – Writing a report on the target
    – Gathering due diligence documents
    – Earning the owners trust to assure closing and assist in the deal negotiation
    – Creating and maintaining a data room
    – General coordination efforts

“Our experience working with IndustryPro has been very smooth.  They have done a good job showing us potential new platform investments as well as add-ons, which we would not have seen otherwise.  Most recently, IndustryPro sourced a target that fit our investment parameters on behalf of an existing platform investment.  We are hopeful we will close another deal with them soon.”

-Andy Mathes, Source Capital

Recent Transactions

IndustryPro has closed several hundred million dollars in transactions since our founding in 1991. See our successful transactions, totaling over $2 Billion in transaction value.

See Deals from IndustryPro

See Deals from Industrypro

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