Enhancing Business Value

Enhancing Value

Many businesses are focused on the timing of the sale of their business, and rightly so. Timing greatly influences value and can mean the difference between a successful exit and a failed one. The problem is many sellers do not consider how they should prepare a business prior to a sale. The net effect can be a significant reduction in the sale price of the business.

While some businesses are ready to sell at the time IndustryPro is engaged, we often recommend a preparation period wherein we advise owners on enhancing value before the sale. Our Strategic Valuation Enhancement (“SVE”) tool provides our clients with an understanding of their company’s strengths and weaknesses, an analysis of when and how to sell the company, and a thorough understanding of the recommended steps needed to maximize value before the sale. Our SVE tool includes a Market Reaction Report, an Options Analysis, and a Maximizing Value Plan.

Market Reaction Report Report based on a blinded summary of the company sent to select investors who are surveyed on the company’s perceived value, industry specific risks, and the market’s potential reaction to the company in a sale.

Options Analysis A summary of the recommended timing and strategy for a sale that would achieve the owner’s goals.

Maximizing Value Plan Action plan to help the client prepare for a sale, including a timeline, goals, and a series of action items meant to maximize shareholder value in a sale.

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IndustryPro has closed over $2 Billion in transactions since its founding in 1991.

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