Private Equity Deal Sourcing

Private Equity Deal Sourcing

IndustryPro has pre-arranged fee agreements with over 25 reputable private equity funds to assist their deal sourcing needs. These investors trust IndustryPro to provide quality investment opportunities with unique characteristics in target industries. Thus–in contrast to other M&A advisors that research buyers only after receiving an owner mandate–we are purposeful in our methods, contacting business owners only after having received a mandate from an investor. In certain circumstances, this buy-side model can yield the best value in the shortest time, for investors and owners alike. Owners in particular like to use our services to test the market without exposing their company to time-consuming and unprofitable introductions as well as industry rumors and confidentiality breaches.

Like all our operations, when working on the buy-side, we work closely with our clients to add value throughout the acquisition process:

“IndustryPro brings Wall St. intelligence and Main St. personality to the lower middle market.  It understands that not all businesses and entrepreneurs fit into a standardized box and offers a value-add approach to working with its clients.  IndustryPro has a unique ability to quickly access the underlying personal and business needs, goals and objectives of the seller and the buyer. Having IndustryPro on your team will no doubt greatly benefit your M&A activities.”

-Kyle Madden, KLH Capital

Recent Transactions

IndustryPro has closed over $2 Billion in transactions since its founding in 1991.


See Deals from IndustryPro

See Deals from Industrypro

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