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Targeted Acquisition Service

You invest in your future merger or partnership, so we invest time and care in finding your perfect acquisition.

How to find next merger & strategic acquisition

Simply put, we likely already know the seller who’s right to partner with you. And if we don’t, we know how to find them.

IndustryPro has been in the M&A industry for over three decades and by leveraging our business model, contacts, and databases, we can reach owners who have not publicly announced their desire to sell. 

Who receives our deal flow?

Private Equity Firms OR Strategic Buyers

While we primarily work with private equity groups, in recent years strategic buyers have been engaging IndustryPro to supplement their corporate development efforts.

Strategic buyers have been discarding ad hoc deal sourcing and instead retaining IndustryPro to design and implement targeted acquisition programs.

We have now successfully performed such services for large multi-billion dollar corporations as well as lower middle market firms.

For business owners in the middle and lower middle market, this program can be especially rewarding when it comes to partnering with you, an inquisitive investor.

How to find qualified sellers?

Often, companies prepare their companies for a future sale by improving their operations, products, or service offerings through acquisitions.

Our process ensures the sellers we bring to you have shored up the foundation of their business, derisked their thriving enterprise, and they’re ready to partner with you or exit, having done the work.

Of course, some sellers are ready immediately OR it’s more advantageous for you to get involved earlier in their growth process. We come to understand the nuances that best suit your ideal merger and we source you deals that fit..

Talk to us about Targeted Acquisition.

If targeted acquisition isn’t the right fit for you, we can grant you access to our live deal flow so you can see our inventory as it emerges.

Our Process for Targeted Acquisition

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The Go Button

You appoint an IndustryPro Director as a primary point of contact.

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Target Criteria, Identified

Together, we define all parameters, including size, geography, niche of industry, and strategic purpose.

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Interest Generated

Our network is alerted of new search and our current deal database is examined. Leads generated from this activity are used as the beginning of a target list.

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Qualified Sellers, Delivered

Once we have a workable list of potential targets, we contact the owners directly. We use agreed upon language to describe the opportunity to the owner, request a conference call introduction, and start to gather relevant operational and financial information of the prospective seller.

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The Deal Done Right

For each target that agrees to consider an acquisition, we will assist you in the areas desired, to include:

  • Writing a report on the target
  • Gathering due diligence documents
  • Earning the owners trust to assure closing and assist in the deal negotiation
  • Creating and maintaining a deal flow
  • General coordination efforts

More information for Investors

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Getting Appraisals and Valuations

Overall Approach to the Buy-Side

How can we support you and your business?

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