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Lucia Turner

Marketing Associate  //  Tulsa, OK


Lucia joined our team in 2021 after graduating from Brigham Young University. She started out as a dealmaking Associate, and soon learned she had a knack and interest for prospecting and lead generation. Her role has shifted her to the Marketing department, where she gets to wear many hats, working in deal sourcing, seller outreach, buyer relations, content creation, and CRM management, to name a few.
Lucia has a background in Statistics and loves a good challenge. In her free time, you can find her on walks with her daughter, playing pickleball, or doing a DIY project around her house.

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

My Passion

As stated above, I love prospecting and have loved looking for new ways to get leads, whether through sourcing them ourselves, using AI, or inbound. I love a good challenge and never like to be bored, and I’ve had the opportunity to play many roles here. I love M&A and the excitement of working on deals and driving revenue and I cheer on every player that is able to move a deal forward. What I love most about IndustryPro is the team. While our team has changed a lot, I’ve always felt comradery at IndustryPro. It helps that so many of us share the same values. Zach pushes each of us to be our best and to be even better than our best every day and that’s been a source of inspiration for me.

Outside the Office

I’m in several book clubs and go through at least 4 books a month. My husband and I actually read together and we love getting to share that hobby together. I love all things art, whether musical where I play the piano and cello, or visual. My daughter who is only 1 already loves to put paint brush to canvas and we’ve created a lot of art together. I love to play all sports except basketball, and am a big Argentina futbol fan. Lastly I will always choose time with my family above all else, and am truly happiest at home!

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Call: (470) 443-2826
Email: support@industrypro.com