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Zach Zirkle

President  //  Atlanta, GA


Zach serves our team as President and oversees the firm’s development and operations. He is the founder of Compass Equity, a sister company of IndustryPro that helps business owners in the lower middle market refine their strategy and optimize operations. Prior to joining IndustryPro and founding Compass Equity, he advised the executive teams of some of the largest companies in the world while working at BCG. Zach has many years of M&A experience and has arranged M&A transactions across several industries. He earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU, and an MBA from Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business where he was awarded a full-tuition merit-based scholarship.

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Time will promote you or time will expose you; it’s only a matter of time.”

– Original Author Unknown

My Passion

Owners are experts at running their companies but find themselves at an informational disadvantage during the sale process. I find great satisfaction in bridging this divide, ensuring that owners are fully informed and empowered. The knowledge that my team and I have facilitated the best possible outcome for a business owner and his or her family brings me significant fulfillment and joy.

Outside the Office

I recharge by spending time outside with my wife and children or getting active. I can usually be found on the lake, trying to learn how to enjoy distance running, weightlifting, or playing pickleball. My wife and I are also active participants in our local congregation and enjoy working with the youth.

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Call: (470) 443-2826