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What our clients are saying...
"These guys know what they're doing, and I have already started recommending friends use their service."

Jim Nasim,
Owner/Founder of Carolina Dental Alliance


"I was leery after my last experience with another advisor. He only left me with industry rumors that I was for sale.

Working with IndustryPro was a positive experience throughout the entire process. In less than 30 days we were talking to very qualified buyers who specialized in investments in our industry. Soon thereafter IndustryPro obtained eight strong offers for our business. We not only got our price but joined up with a very compatible buyer with significant industry connections and partners capable of making an impact in growing our infrastructure. The entire process from introduction to close was only four months! With our new partner’s expertise and backing, we fully expect a second liquidity event a few years from now.

I am extremely impressed with IndustryPro’s associations and professionalism, and their staying fully engaged from start to finish. I highly recommend IndustryPro."

-Scott Peterson, Co-owner of Best Vinyl

“IndustryPro brings Wall St. intelligence and Main St. personality to the lower middle market.  It understands that not all businesses and entrepreneurs fit into a standardized box and offers a value-add approach to working with its clients.  IndustryPro has a unique ability to quickly access the underlying personal and business needs, goals and objectives of the seller and the buyer. Having IndustryPro on your team will no doubt greatly benefit your M&A activities.”

-Kyle Madden, KLH Capital


"Other M&A advisors introduced buyers urging me to sell my company. But when IndustryPro got involved they took time to understand my personal desires as well as company operations. They didn’t parade a bunch of buyers through our company. After a few visits we found the right investor and deal structure. I chose to stay with the company after the sale. My new partner handles the HR and administrative details while we both grow the company. Nice deal for us both plus our employees."

-Jim Taylor, Owner/Founder of RJ Taylor Pipeline Construction

"IndustryPro consistently represents quality opportunities and is one of the most active investment banks I see in the market.  They seem to have an extensive network of investors and business owners and they do a great job matching buyers and sellers and facilitating transactions.”

-Patrick Coyne, Lincolnshire Management

"IndustryPro helped me maximize the value of my business and advised me throughout the complex selling process. I was happy to have an honest and knowledgeable advocate in my corner, and--if given the chance--I would hire IndustryPro again."

-Matt Spencer Owner/Founder of DXE Medical

"Our experience working with IndustryPro has been very smooth.  They have done a good job showing us potential new platform investments as well as add-ons, which we would not have seen otherwise.  Most recently, IndustryPro sourced a target that fit our investment parameters on behalf of an existing platform investment.  We are hopeful we will close another deal with them soon."

-Andy Mathes, Source Capital

"IndustryPro is a trustworthy and professional group. They helped me understand the sale process and kept it running smoothly - even when complex issues threatened to derail the deal. These guys know what they're doing, and I have already started recommending friends use their service."

-Jim Nasim, Owner/Founder of Carolina Dental Alliance

"We like the quality of both IndustryPro personnel and their sellers.  After closing one successful deal presented by IndustryPro we hope to do more.”

-Fraser Bullock, MD Sorenson Capital and founding Partner of Bain Capital

"In looking back at the process of the sale, it is clear that your company and team were instrumental to the success of the sale. I was particularly impressed with your ability to find qualified buyers. On reflection, with your expert help, we were able to negotiate a fair price and terms, and the due diligence period was made much easier with your guidance. Your experience, professionalism, and hard work all conspired to result in a successful sale."

-Michael Elliott, Owner of Elliott Bay Yachting Center

"Thank you for your help in assisting with ProSource Technologies’ future growth plans. I hadn’t considered seriously selling my company until IndustryPro contacted me. Within 30 days we were talking to very qualified buyers. Soon thereafter, IndustryPro obtained multiple strong offers for our business. After much thought we joined up with a very compatible buyer. I am extremely impressed with IndustryPro’s professionalism. I recommend IndustryPro."

-Gregory A. Wheeler, CEO and General Counsel of ProSource Technologies

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