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What our clients are saying...
"I was happy to have an honest and knowledgeable advocate in my corner, and, if given the chance, I would hire IndustryPro again."

Matt Spencer,
Owner/Founder of DXE Medical

What We Do

IndustryPro is an M&A advisory firm founded in 1991. We facilitate business acquisitions, divestitures, management buy-outs and recapitalizations of privately-held companies.

The ideal client

Most of our owner-clients are "not for sale". Owners and their managers are busy building valuable businesses and their companies are not actively for sale. However, astute owners welcome the opportunity to develop relationships with qualified investors experienced in supporting generational transfers, injecting capital for expansion or simply providing liquidity for owners. IndustryPro's ongoing industry involvement assures that we identify the best strategic fit for both owner and investor. Our extensive investor database includes company owners, strategic investors, and private equity investors. Investors are selected based upon the owner's desires i.e. selling a minority equity position, financing a recapitalization, funding a dividend recapitalization, financing management buy-outs, providing debt or selling the entire company. Confidentiality is assured because IndustryPro does not mass broadcast your company information. Because we know the investors, we are able to selectively target ideal investors and obtain confidentiality agreements before sharing any information that would identify your company.

Results before fees

IndustryPro's fees are heavily dependent on successful results. As former principals of our own businesses, we understand that returns come only after making smart investments. We have invested millions of dollars in developing the technology, systems and organization that produce results. Your IndustryPro advisor has already spent years getting to know buyers and values within your industry. Unlike most advisors that charge hefty retainers, we don't ask you to finance the hunt for investors. Rather, we already know and have pre-qualified most of the investors in your industry before contacting you. This business model is why we can rely on results before fees.

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