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About IndustryPro

IndustryPro is an M&A Advisory firm with over three decades of experience assisting companies on the buy and sell side.  On the buy side, we work with trusted private equity groups and strategic buyers with a direct mandate to source investment and acquisition opportunities.  On the sell side, we represent private businesses seeking to sell all or part of their businesses to the right partner/investor. 

We realize that selecting an M&A advisor is a difficult, yet critical decision. Differentiating one advisor from another can be hard to do. We are happy to provide references and any other information that you might need to determine if IndustryPro is a good fit for your M&A process. Even before you select an advisor, we are happy to provide M&A-related advice. Feel free to contact us well before you are ready to start an M&A process. 

“I was happy to have an honest and knowledgeable advocate in my corner, and, if given the chance, I would hire IndustryPro again.”

-Matt Spencer Owner/Founder of DXE Medical

Why Choose IndustryPro


IndustryPro is a pioneer in lower and middle market investment banking. Through our extensive experience, we have solid relationships with both strategic and financial buyers and—with a team that has successfully executed hundreds of transactions —we understand how to add value to what can be a complex process. 


From the first contact onward, we will be straightforward and honest with you. We don’t play games to win business or close deals. Unlike many of our competitors, we will not “buy your engagement” by inflating the value of your company with the intention of “letting the market educate” you after we have your business.


Our business model relies heavily on success based fees, so we only work with owners for whom we are confident we can produce.



Investment bankers that rely on large upfront fees will eagerly engage with you–even if they do not believe they can sell your company. If we determine it is not the best time for your company to sell, we will suggest ways to improve your value before you go to market.


Using an experienced and efficient outside party like IndustryPro to facilitate your deal allows you to keep your focus on business and life. We will ensure you have limited distractions and peace of mind while we navigate the process for you.



We conduct “under the radar” transactions and make targeted introductions. We do not broadcast your business plan and your financials to a long list of unqualified buyers. We ensure your confidential information remains secured. In addition, this strategy ensures you are able to back out of the process should you choose to do so without over exposure to the market and your competitors.

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