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Why Sell Your Dental Practice?

Here are the top three reasons, that as a dentist, you might consider selling your practice.

Which one sounds most like you?

I want to diversify my personal wealth and create a legacy for my family and my enterprise.

I’ve maxed out what I’m interested in doing on my own. I am bogged down by back-office admin, AND YET I still want to grow the business.

I’m just ready to exit — plain and simple.

IndustryPro has supported dozens of practice owners through the M&A process, so we're familiar with why some choose to sell and why others don't.

Here’s what we hear from dentist’s about why they want to sell.

I want to diversify my personal wealth —

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I've invested a lot over the years into my practice... so a lot of my wealth is between those walls. I’m ready to liquidate and diversify. Plus, my kids are going to school. Really, I just want to pull part of my nest egg out of my business.”

Sound familiar? It’s common for dentists to invest in the technology and people in their office. It doesn’t mean you don’t make a good living, but it does mean that a significant amount of the ROI you have as a business owner is locked into your brick-and-mortar.

Partnering with a DSO can be an effective way to draw some of the money out now, minimize your risk, and grow together. Diversifying your wealth outlook has always been a reason why dentists sell; however, this has become even more common after the pandemic.

When patients stopped coming in during lockdowns, the amount of money practice owners had tied up in the business became apparent. Though this was scary for many, DSOs and private practices have made the best of the situation by maximizing what they can do together.

I’ve maxed out what I can or care to do — 

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I'm already bogged down by back-office admin work. I've grown my practice to a level I'm happy with and any further growth would require more time, money, and resources to achieve. I'm just not willing to work even more at this stage in my life.

Partnering with a DSO can actually support to expedite your growth, keep your team employed, and provide you the much needed HR support and technology that will give you back your time to focus on what’s important to you.

Spending more time with your family, traveling the world, starting a new passion project — it’s all possible.

I just want to exit —

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I’ve made a great living, and it’s just time. I’m ready to step away from dentistry, but I have concerns that if I do I’ll leave my patients and employees behind. They are a part of my success story and I want to know they will be taken care of.

This is probably the greatest concern we hear from dentists when looking to exit. We get it. We really do. And DSOs do, too.

DSOs want your employees to stay and they need your help through the transition. You can rest easy knowing your team will continue to work and your patients will continue to receive the excellent service they are used to.

What’s next?


If you made your way through this article and your practice grosses over $5M in revenue each year, it’s likely we already have an interested buyer we can connect you with. If you have a smaller practice, we can provide you with resources to support. 

The good news? At no cost to you, we will introduce you to a buyer and support you with advisement along the way.

You are the throughline in everything we do. At IndustryPro, the only deals we do are the deals done right by you. 

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