Selling your business?

It’s one of the biggest decisions an owner can make.

Whether you know you want to sell or you’re assessing the way forward, selecting the right M&A firm is a big milestone. We take a collaborative approach to discovering the best path for you.

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Our approach to finding your best investment partner or buyer:

Optimized for speed, strategic fit, valuation, and structure.

Tiimeline One

Qualified investors in your industry are at the ready.

Tiimeline Two

Well-fitted partners for your business are identified

Tiimeline Three

At the right timing

Tiimeline Four

With the right offer

Tiimeline Five

That yield your best outcome


Combined with close collaboration and communication with our clients, IndustryPro consistently closes successful transactions.

We support you to determine

Sell Your Business

The Right Timing -

Timing is everything. Does selling your business now make sense for your valuation, vision, and financial goals?

Buy A Business

The Right Fit -

If the time is now, what strategic buyer will create your best possible exit outcome?

Grow Business Value

The Right Deal -

There are many ways to exit a business — all at once or over time. We support you to determine the right exit plan and then make it happen.

We know you’re an expert at your craft.

That’s why you’re in this advantageous position. It’s our job to cut through the M&A jargon. We support you to know what fair market value is for your business and then help you to realize that value.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

There isn’t only one way to work with IndustryPro.

Here are some ways we can help you achieve your goals:


You get introduced to a prospective buyer & receive guidance from us on your best possible transaction at no cost to you.


Your company gets formally packaged up for a big sale, where you can evaluate a multitude of offers.


Rather than selling now, you get supported to maximize value well-before you’re ready to sell.


You have a conversation with us and experience peace-of-mind, determining that staying your current course is what’s best.

Core Specialties

Does Your Business Fall into One of These Sectors?

We’ve come to know the intricacies of these and other service-based businesses in both white and blue-collar industries.

A History of Traction.

Partners in private equity, individual buyers, or local partnerships from low-to-mid market

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It’s probable that we already know your perfect buyer before you talk to us:

We’re not like other M&A advisory firms

Many M&A advisory firms begin their search for solid buyers of your business only after you’ve hired them…That’s just not our process.

We already have qualified investors

IndustryPro researches and identifies ideal investors in your industry, prior to contacting you. If you’ve found us, and you own a business in one of our specializations, it is likely we already have an investor pool at-the-ready. 

Due Diligence and Collaboration

Simply put —we come to know what our sellers and buyers are looking for, well before a transaction. We maintain ongoing communication with both parties so we know what they want. We stay in touch with changing goals.

What this means for you

When you’re ready to receive investment or buy-out, we already have the most suitable investors lined up.

Our business model yields the best value in the shortest time.
As a result of our preparation, IndustryPro avoids long, drawn-out searches and low-probability introductions which consume valuable business resources and expose companies to damaging rumors and confidentiality breaches.

Let’s Connect

Considering selling? Let’s chat.

Know your options at no cost or obligation. Reach out to us if you want to see if we’re right to work together, and we will connect you with a dealmaker specialized in your industry to hear about your unique needs. 

What to expect -

How can we support you and your business?

Reach out to our team - contact page

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